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Rulak Zettlitz 
traditional Karlovy Vary porcelain

We offer complete sets of porcelain in various shapes and decors according to your imagination. You can choose from standard coffee, tea or plate sets, or create a precisely tailored set. Of course, it is also possible to add piece porcelain, such as sugar bowls, milk bowls, bowls, etc. Take a look at our current catalog or contact us directly!


Rulak Zettlitz

Czech manufacturer of Karlovy Vary porcelain with a production tradition of 45 years.


Porcelain production

We offer porcelain in various shapes, complete sets and individual pieces.


Decoration of porcelain

We have a large number of decors for the offered shapes, which you can view in our current catalog.

Rulak Zettlitz belongs to the Rulak Group brand group.

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